ESQUE is synonymous with class, quality, and history. In a world of mass production, our philosophy is driven by care, attention to detail and dedication to producing leather jackets that enrich your personality and brings you class.

The nobility of our leather craftsmanship has been taught and transferred from generation to generation over 300 years. Yes, 300 years! These craftsmen at ESQUE practice precision, elegance, obsession with simplicity and the art of delivering supreme quality leather product.

You just don’t own an ESQUE jacket. You own a piece of leather craftsmanship history!


We are a team of designers and leather craftsmanship professionals whose core belief is to deliver the most stylistic and creative jacket designs made out of supreme quality leather. In a world of mass production, we focus on producing few but the highest quality product so that the bond and trust between ESQUE and our prestigious customers grows and transcends over years or even decades. We do not just make customers, we become a family.

ESQUE is committed to deliver the highest quality and the most stylistic leather product with reasonable pricing. We feel that in the recent years, the consumers have been unable to experience the charm and charisma of leather products due to either exorbitant product pricing or cheap/fake production materials & methods. Hence, we at ESQUE bridge that gap and continue to mesmerise our customers with our high-end product, craftsmanship and pricing.

Our team carefully chooses the leather keeping in mind the high quality standards and leather tanning processes. Our designers meticulously work on patterns and designs to transform the concept into a unique and high-end fashion jacket. Our team then works with our highly skilled craftsmen who employ their talent, precision and focus to stitch and deliver the most elegant jacket. Whether the product is in sheep or cow leather, we ensure that it grows beautiful with you over the years.